Our office provides counseling and therapy for all ages, couples and families and can work  with your primary care physician or pediatrician.

Dr. Zubritzky can assess various issues such as anxiety, depression, Attention-Deficit (ADD) issues, and develop a care plan tailored for your specific needs and personal goals. 

Our office can also provide training workshops for businesses (on-site) on various topics specific to your needs. 

We also provide testing and assessment for police employment to all municipal police departments; applicants to Pennsylvania Police Academies (ACT 120), and the Lethal Weapons (ACT 235) testing.  All testing is done in accordance to the Pennsylvania State MPOETC (Municipal Police Officers' Education and Training Commission) with over 25 years of experience testing for more than 40 departments, and private security agencies. The service is quick and accurate.  Please call for our prices and discounts for group testings. 

Become Mindful of your Health

What is Mindfulness?  It means taking a few moments each day to stop and pay attention and listen to your body, your thoughts and how appropriate thinking can have positive impact on how you approach each day. We can help you achieve these skills and become your best self. 

Take Charge of Your Life

Now is the time to become proactive and take control of your life. Call Dr. Zubritzky for a consultation to see where your life's journey can take you.

We are happy to assist you.